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Concealed Carry & NRA Instruction for Central Illinois

Friendly and Fun Firearm Fundamentals

Congratulations on taking personal responsibility for the safety of yourself and your loved ones. Our Concealed Carry Classes will equip you with the knowledge, skills, and attitude to safely and effectively handle, shoot, store, and carry a handgun.

Classes are typically small, so everyone receives personal attention. A low pressure, informal, and fun atmosphere with practical exercises both assist in learning and make the day go faster.

In our Illinois Concealed Carry class you will learn -

  • The Firearm Concealed Carry Act
  • Justifiable Use of Deadly Force
  • What Is Unlawful Use of a Weapon
  • Presenting From a Holster Effectively
  • How To Choose A Handgun
  • Conceal and Carry Methods
  • Basics of Marksmaship
  • Combat Effective Shooting
  • And much, much, more...
First time student at our concealed carry class near Bloomington & Champaign, Illinois

Using time tested and proven methods, we will typically have a total newbie consistently hitting a ten inch bullseye from ten yards within the hour. When you get the fundamentals down - accuracy happens. With our help, YOU CAN DO THIS! The student pictured above had never even touched a pistol till an hour before this photo. By the way, the larger holes are when she wanted to try the mighty .40 cal!

All our courses satisfy the training requirements for a Florida non-resident permit which will allow you to carry in 30 additional states. Application packets will be furnished.

What Class Do I Need?

NRA Basic Pistol

is a great starting point if you are new to handguns, or if your prior training was less than adaquate, or is showing a little rust. You'll learn the necessary skills, knowledge, and attitude to become a safe and effective shooter.

The Second Eight

was designed for those with eight hours of previous training recognized by Illinois, but who still need the mandated eight hour minimum to

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qualify for their Illinois Concealed Carry permit. If your previous training involved shooting at dinosaurs, or lacked a solid foundation in the basics - we strongy recommend NRA Basic.

Yes, we understand - More training = More $$. But with a solid foundation, your comfort level and accuracy will continue to show rapid improvement with every round you fire.

The Full Sixteen

covers the legislative training requirement to apply for your Illinois Concealed Carry permit. NRA Basic Pistol comprises the first eight hours and furnishes a solid platform to build upon. The second eight covers your legal, moral, and ethical responsibilites - practical tactics for concealed carriers - more live fire - and much more.

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What's My Prior Training Worth?

The State has approved the following classes for credit toward the mandated sixteen hours:
Class Credit
llinois Hunter Safety Course 4 hrs
Utah Concealed Carry 4 hrs
Florida Concealed Carry 4 hrs
Nevada Concealed Carry 4 hrs

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Class Credit
Michigan Concealed Carry 4 hrs
Chicago Firearms Safety Course 4 hrs
NRA Basic Pistol 8 hrs
NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home 8 hrs
NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home 8 hrs
Honorable Discharge (DD214) 8 hrs

These may be combined for a total of eight hours maximum. In other words if you have completed a Hunter Safety Course and have a Utah permit, you will be credited eight hours of prior training. You must also complete at least the last eight hours of Illinois mandated training to apply for a CCL.

But - I Need 12 Hours

The state has approved NO classes for those with only a four hour credit. Some trainers have expressed an intention to teach 4 hour or 12 hour classes to accommodate those individuals. While I admire their intentions, please be aware the ISP rules have made no such accommodation. To complie with the rules as currently written, you must either take a class that meets the four hour requirement, or take the entire sixteen hour course.

We Can Help!

In an effort to make this as easy as possible on those trapped in that situation, Real Gun Control will give you a pro-rated price on your training. In other words, if you have 4 hours credit we will charge you for 12 hrs, though you must take the full 16 to meet the ISP's criteria.

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About Your Illinois Concealed Carry Instructor

Bruce Badger is an NRA and Illinois certified instructor, with both Military Police and civilian law enforcement training and experience. He does not remember when he began shooting, but got his first rifle at ten and a 12 guage side-by-side for his twelfth birthday. However, it is his life long career as a teacher and skills coach that is his true strength in the classroom and on the range.

With his sense of humor and easy style of communication, he involves the entire class in the learning process. Knowing how to approach each student on the basis of their strengths ensures that total "newbies" and experienced shooters both learn something and enjoy the process.

The NRA and Concealed Carry Classes

The NRA was founded in 1871 with Civil War Gen. Ambrose Burnside as the first president! The stated purpose was to "promote and encourage rifle shooting on a scientific basis." While the Illinois Concealed Carry class is NOT an NRA certified course, we do use NRA Basic Pistol as the first eight hours. They know a little about the subject matter!

Their emphasis on the basic skills, knowledge, and attitude to use a pistol safely and effectively lays a sound foundation for any further training. Combined with a overview of the applicable Federal and State laws, the self defense mindset - and skills like holster work, situational awareness, and combat effective shooting - you'll be equipped for the responsibility of carrying a concealed handgun.

By the way, if you are not already an NRA member, you should be. Without their support, Illinois would not have a concealed carry law. And without our support, there will be no NRA. They are not the voice of the gun manufacturers, they are voice of their membership.

Our Guarantee**

In our litigious society, we were forced to add asterisks to our guarantee, though we hated to. It will not be honored under only two conditions.

  1. You choose to take further FREE training until you qualify. YOUR CHOICE!
  2. You are asked to leave the class due to your inability or unwillingness to follow the directions of instructors. Typically these will involve safety issues, though other disruptive behavior will achieve the same result.
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