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Syllabus for The Full Sixteen Hours Concealed Carry Class

Our Guarantee - You don't qualify - You don't pay! **

**With a couple very minor exceptions.

The Full Sixteen

Typically held in two eight hour blocks on successive days, The Full Sixteen will fulfill all the requirements for the Illinois Firearms Concealed Carry Act. The first eight hours are the NRA Basic Pistol Course, an excellent introduction to the attitude, skills, and knowledge necessary to safely own, handle, and effectively fire a handgun. The second eight hours consists of the Illinois Carry CLIC curriculum, covering the remaining regulatory requirements, as well as a brief introduction to defensive pistol usage and techniques.

- One reason for teaching the NRA Basic Pistol Course as the first eight hours is it will satisfy the training requirements for a non-resident concealed carry permit in Florida, as well as many other states. Florida non-resident application packets will be available.

Instructor: Bruce Badger (NRA Certified – Pistol, Illinois Certified FCCA Instructor)

Classroom Location: to be announced

Range: to be announced

Course Length: 8 hours (8 AM to about 4:00 PM)

Cost: $250.00


  • Law-abiding citizen
  • Teachable Attitude
  • Age - You must be 21 to apply for a CCL, though you may take this class prior to your 21st birthday.

Course Outline: Day One - NRA Basic Pistol

Part I: Pistol Knowledge and Safe Handling

  • NRA rules for safe gun handling
  • Gun owner's responsibilities
  • Reasons to own a pistol
  • Pistol action types
  • Main parts of a pistol
  • Parts of a revolver
  • Functions of a revolver
  • Parts of a semi-automatic pistol
  • Functions of a semi-automatic pistol
  • Types of semi-automatic pistol actions
  • Causes of firearm accidents

Part II: Ammunition & Fundamentals of Shooting

  • Cartridge components
  • Rim-fire and center-fire cartridges
  • Cartridge firing sequence
  • Cartridge designation and identification
  • +P and +p+ cartridges
  • Ammunition storage
  • Types of cartridge
  • Malfunctions
  • Dominant eye
  • Grip
  • Stance
  • Isosceles & Weaver

Part III: Firing the First Shots

  • Range layout and limits
  • NRA rules for safe gun handling
  • NRA rules for using and storing a gun
  • General range safety rules
  • Questions/problems on the firing line
  • Range commands
  • Adjusting the sights

Part IV: Choosing & Maintaining a Pistol

  • Scoring targets
  • Types of pistols
  • Selecting a pistol (factors & procedure)
  • Caring for the pistol
  • Gun cleaning equipment
  • Gun cleaning procedure
  • Pistol storage

Part VI: Further Skill Development

  • Winchester/NRA marksmanship qualification program
  • NRA training opportunities
  • Competitive shooting
  • NRA clubs
  • NRA programs
  • NRA history & goals
  • Benefits of NRA membership


  • Student must demonstrate the following:
  • Load, unload, cock, de-cock, fire, make safe the firearm, while handling the firearm safely
  • Fire 20 Rounds / 7ft / Two Hand Standing

Written Test:

  • 50 questions

Course Outline: Day Two - Illinois Carry CLIC Plus

Part I: All Applicable State and Federal Laws Relating to the Ownership, Storage, Carry and Transportation of a Firearm

  • FOID
    • Application
    • Requirements
    • Definitions
    • Transfers
    • Revocation / Ineligible
  • Federal Gun Laws
    • Gun Control Act
    • Prohibited Persons
    • Transfers
    • Shipping
    • Transport
    • Prohibited Places
  • Transportation
  • Firearms Concealed Carry Act
    • Eligibility
    • Duty to Inform
    • Prohibited Places
    • Safe Harbor
  • Officer Interaction
  • Justifiable Use of Force - presented by Massad Ayoob

Part II: Presentation from Holster

Part III: Combat Effective Shooting

Part IV: Range Qualification

  • 10 rounds from 5 yards
  • 10 rounds from 7 yards
  • 10 rounds from 10 yards
  • Must score minimum 70% on a B-27 silhouette target
  • DO NOT sweat this requirement! We are so sure we can get you qualified, we offer a 100% money back guarantee. You don't qualify, we refund your money. Period.**

    Part V: Additional Range Time

  • Combat Effective Shooting
  • Mozambique Drill
  • 45 drill
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