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Our Guarantee - You don't qualify - You don't pay! **

**With a couple very minor exceptions.

Classes We Offer

We know some of you don't read below the fold - hope the rest of you will allow us to be a little repetetive for their sake.

We offer the following -

  • NRA Basic Pistol
  • The Second Eight (those with prior training credit)
  • The Full Sixteen (includes NRA Basic Pistol)
  • Ladies Only Classes
    • We offer Ladies only classes on an occasional basis. We know some of you ladies feel more comfortable without the testosterone in the air! Honestly, most of the gentlemen are very supportive in our co-ed classes. But we believe in giving people options. Unfortunately, we're still lookiing for a good, female instructor to partner with, so you will have a male instructor.

  • Private Instruction
    • Rates start at $50.00 for the first hour. Only $30.00 for each subsequent hour.

  • Private Parties
    • Forget the Tupperware and Pampered Chef, have a Pistol Party! Get a group of friends (five or more please) together, furnish a classroom, get your training FREE! Ten friends or more, or furnish a safe place to shoot - we'll pay you!

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What To Expect

Our classes mix student involved practical excercises with the necessary lecture material. All presented in a low pressure and entertaining manner. Sixteen hours does not have to consist of being read to from a Power Point Slide and a quick trip to the range. We spend an average of four hours at the range for our Full Sixteen Hour Class. And even experienced shooters will learn something new during the classroom portion.

You'll learn to draw from concealment effeciently. Use proper grip, stance, and trigger coontrol. Shoot to your natural point of aim. And much, much more.

These are all basic courses, so we hope you will want to continue your training. But you WILL leave our classes with a solid foundation in pistol craft. Oh, and you'll be a better than average shot too. Yes, even if you've never touched a handgun before.


16 Hour Illinois Concealed Carry

July 12th & 13th
LeRoy, IL

Second Eight Hours

July 19th
LeRoy, IL

NRA Basic Pistol

July 20th
LeRoy, IL

Weekday CCL Course

July 18,19,25, 26
LeRoy, IL

16 Hour Illinois Concealed Carry

July 27th & 28th
LeRoy, IL

What Class Do I Need?

NRA Basic Pistol

is a great starting point if you are new to handguns, or if your prior training was less than adaquate, or is showing a little rust. You'll learn the necessary skills, knowledge, and attitude to become a safe and effective shooter.

The Second Eight

was designed for those with eight hours of previous training recognized by Illinois, but who still need the mandated eight hour minimum to

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qualify for their Illinois Concealed Carry permit. If your previous training involved shooting at dinosaurs, or lacked a solid foundation in the basics - we strongy recommend NRA Basic.

Yes, we understand - More training = More $$. But with a solid foundation, your comfort level and accuracy will continue to show rapid improvement with every round you fire.

The Full Sixteen

covers the legislative training requirement to apply for your Illinois Concealed Carry permit. NRA Basic Pistol comprises the first eight hours and furnishes a solid platform to build upon. The second eight covers your legal, moral, and ethical responsibilites - practical tactics for concealed carriers - more live fire - and much more.

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What's My Prior Training Worth?

The State has approved the following classes for credit toward the mandated sixteen hours:
Class Credit
llinois Hunter Safety Course 4 hrs
Utah Concealed Carry 4 hrs
Florida Concealed Carry 4 hrs
Nevada Concealed Carry 4 hrs

See more.

Class Credit
Michigan Concealed Carry 4 hrs
Chicago Firearms Safety Course 4 hrs
NRA Basic Pistol 8 hrs
NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home 8 hrs
NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home 8 hrs
Honorable Discharge (DD214) 8 hrs

These may be combined for a total of eight hours maximum. In other words if you have completed a Hunter Safety Course and have a Utah permit, you will be credited eight hours of prior training. You must also complete at least the last eight hours of Illinois mandated training to apply for a CCL.

But - I Need 12 Hours

The state has approved NO classes for those with only a four hour credit. Some trainers have expressed an intention to teach 4 hour or 12 hour classes to accommodate those individuals. While I admire their intentions, please be aware the ISP rules have made no such accommodation. To complie with the rules as currently written, you must either take a class that meets the four hour requirement, or take the entire sixteen hour course.

We Can Help!

In an effort to make this as easy as possible on those trapped in that situation, Real Gun Control will give you a pro-rated price on your training. In other words, if you have 4 hours credit we will charge you for 12 hrs, though you must take the full 16 to meet the ISP's criteria.

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Loaner Handguns

Pistols and ammo (.22 cal) are furnished for the NRA Basic Pistol class. Though you might benefit more by using your own.

If you do not yet have a handgun, we have a small selection to loan you. Please bring your own ammo.

Pistols we have on hand -

  • .22 Single Action Revolver
  • .22 Double Action Revolver
  • .22 Semi-Auto Pistols
  •  9mm Semi-Auto Pistol
  • .40 cal Semi-Auto Pistol
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