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Syllabus for The Second Eight Required Hours Concealed Carry Class

Our Guarantee - You don't qualify - You don't pay! **

**With a couple very minor exceptions.

The Second Eight

Is designed as a stand alone course for those who have at least eight hours of credit toward the required sixteen hours of training for an Illinois Concealed Carry permit under the Firearms Concealed Carry Act of 2013. It will both meet the required minimums of the State standard, as well as serve as a useful refresher for those who's credited training may be somewhat remote.

- Further, this course will satisfy the training requirements for a non-resident concealed carry permit in Florida. Florida non-resident application packets will be available.

Instructor: Bruce Badger (NRA Certified Pistol, Illinois Certified FCCA Instructor)

Classroom Location: to be announced

Range: to be announced

Course Length: 8 hours (8 AM to about 4:00 PM)

Cost: $100.00


  • Law-abiding adult citizen
  • Teachable Attitude
  • You must be over 21 years old to apply for a CCL though you may take this class before that birthday.
  • Those less than 21 years old must be accompanied by a parent or guardian also enrolled in the same class.
  • Qualifier(s) for at least eight hours of credit under the FCCA (one or more)

      The Isp has approved the following prior training for credit toward the mandated 16 hours. They are listed followed by the number of hours credited.

      • Illinois Hunter Safety Course - 4 hrs
      • Utah Concealed Carry - 4 hrs
      • Florida Concealed Carry - 4 hrs
      • Nevada Concealed Carry - 4 hrs
      • Missouri Concealed Carry - 4 hrs
      • Kentucky Concealed Carry - 4 hrs
      • Michigan Concealed Carry - 4 hrs
      • Chicago Firearms Safety Course - 4 hrs
      • NRA Basic Pistol - 8 hrs
      • NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home - 8 hrs
      • NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home - 8 hrs
      • Honorable Discharge (DD214) - 8 hrs
    • These may be combined for a total of eight hours maximum. In other words if you have completed a Hunter Safety Course and have a Utah permit, you will be credited eight hours of prior training.
    • You must also complete at least the last eight hours of Illinois mandated training to apply for a CCL.
    • The state has approved NO classes for those with only a four hour credit. Some trainers have expressed an intention to teach 4 hour or 12 hour classes to accommodate those individuals. While I admire their intentions, please be aware the ISP rules have made no such accommodation. To comply with the rules as currently written, you must either take a class that meets the four hour requirement, or take the entire sixteen hour course.

Course Outline:

The Second Eight - Illinois Carry CLIC

Part I: Introduction to Firearms

Part II: Introduction to FOID

Part III: Introduction to Federal Firearm Law

Part IV: Introduction to Illinois Firearms Transportation Law

Part V: Introduction to Firearm Concealed Carry Act

Part VI: Introduction to Law Enforcement Officer Interaction

Part VII: Justifiable Use of Force

Part VIII: Drawing From Concealment

Part IX: Live Fire - The FUN Part!

  • Rules on the range
  • Response to RO's Commands
  • Student shall fire at least 30 rounds
    • 10 rounds from 5 yards
    • 10 rounds from 7 yards
    • 10 rounds 10 yards
  • Student must demonstrate the following:
    • Load, unload, cock, de-cock, fire, make safe the firearm, while handling the firearm safely
  • B-27 silhouette target
  • 70% score required for certificate of completion
Questions? - 309.824.0724
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